Working from home can provide autonomy and independence in your job that might be absent in a physical workplace.

Since the Covid pandemic, a lot of people have had the opportunity to try it out and some really love this way of working, while for others it is difficult.

Holiday-Naxos has hosted several guests during our OFF SEASON, who were NOT on holiday, but who had to work. This working method offers the possibility to TRY TO LIVE ON A GREEK ISLAND during autumn, winter and spring.

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The winter season on Naxos is an interesting experience!! You will discover “another kind of island” and if you LOVE NATURE, you will enjoy hiking, biking, running and of course water sports such as kiting and windsurfing in an extremely nice and peaceful Naxos.

You will have lots of sunny days (we have been swimming at Christmas) and also cloudy and raining days. The temperature is usually between 10-18 degrees.


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